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What Surface Treatment Is Applied To Screw Piles?

All screw piles are delivered hot-dip galvanised (zinc layer thickness about 80 µm).

How Does One Build Up From A Pile?

A variety of fasteners are available for screw piles, such as U-shoes, cap plates, bolt fixtures and pile caps. U-shoes,bolt mounts, and flat steel are well suited for fixing timber to screw piles.When the screw pile is left in the concreting, pile caps should be used overthe piles. It is also possible to weld steel beams onto the screw piles, on topof which e.g. a composite slab or hollow-core slab can be installed.

Does The Pipe Of A Screw Pile Need To Be Filled With Concrete After Installation?

Normally, the pile pipe does not need to befilled with concrete after installation, but if the water table is closer than1 m from the ground surface, it is recommended that the pile pipe be filledwith grouting, urethane foam, or sand. Filling the pile pipe with concretemight also improve the pile’s resistance to buckling and avoid one-sided pilepipe corrosion.

How Deep Should Screw Piles Be Installed?

The helix of the screw pile should beinstalled at least below the frost line. This ensures that the foundations willnot be susceptible to frost movements.The installation depth is also determinedby the soil at the place of installation, together with the desired loadcapacity and lateral support.

What types of soil are most suitable for the use of screw piles?

The most favourable soils for screw piles are clay and sandy soils. Owing to the large surface area of the helix, a screw pile has a better carrying capacity than standard steel piles. The good carrying capacity means that adequate capacity is attainable even in layers of clay or sand. Screw piles do not often need to be installed as deep as in piledriving, and thus both the length and costs of the piles are often lower thanin pile-driven foundations. Also, installation of screw piles succeeds best inclay and sandy soils. With machine installation, screw piles can be installedalso in moraines.

What kinds of construction projects can use screw pile instead of concrete foundations?

Due to we could provide all kinds of sizes products,so both small and large construction projects can use screw pile instead of concrete foundations. Small-scale applications are terraces,fences, canopies, garden buildings, piers and landing stages, etc. For small buildings, the foundations can use hand-installable screw piles, which can beeasily installed with a crowbar or other bar. Large-scale applications are summer cottages, detached houses, halls, riding rings, pipelines, etc. Larger constructions also require larger screw piles, which are always machine installable models. All of applications, it is advisable toconduct a ground survey and make use of a structural engineer.

What System Features of Ground screw double column structure?

1. The bracket adopts double round tubecolumn structure, the main keel and the secondary keel are U-shaped steel, andthe stability is superior.2. The foundation uses spiral piles, whichcan be reused.3. The column and the pile are connected bya top bolt, which enables stepless adjustment the installation and use isflexible.4.It can be applied to complex terrainssuch as flat land and mountains, and is not affected by seasonal temperatures.It has various flexible combination, has less land occupation,5.easy to disassemble, does not affect thereuse of the installation land, and can maximize land utilization

What System Features of Wind-resistant structure - (pipe column)?

1. The bracket adopts a three-columnstructure, the primary keel is a rectangular tube, and the secondary keel isC-shaped steel, it can maximize the use of the rigidity of the material.2. The foundation uses spiral piles, whichare low in cost and can be reused.3. The column and the pile are connected byflange4. Suitable for coastal areas with highwind pressure5. Larger space below, does not affectplanting crops

What System Features of Agricultural light complementary structure?

1. Use prefabricated pile foundation, theconstruction speed is fast, no need to fill the excavation, only simple fieldleveling is needed.2. The requirements for terrain are low,and are mostly used for geological soil, cohesive soil, fill soil, collapsibleloess and other geology.3. Mainly applicable to fishing light andagriculture light complementary photovoltaic power station4. Disadvantages: construction accuracy isnot high, verticality is not easy to guarantee

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